UPVC Sash Windows

Sliding Sash uPVC Windows

Sash windows first became popular in the Georgian period and they’ve never really gone out of fashion. Sliding sash windows comprise two sashes, one in front of the other. The separate panes slide up and down along a vertical groove in the frame.

This heritage design provides both an authentic-looking window feature, and a practical convection system all in one. When both the bottom and the top are partially opened the window allows heat to escape naturally, and the cooler air to flow in.

uPVC Sash Windows Benefits

Wide Style and Choice

Fully sculptured elegant profiles enable windows to be created to suit any property. A wide range of standard, foil and special foil finishes.

Energy Efficiency

Five chambers at the core of the design and two chambers either side of the reinforcement chamber, provide a superb thermal insulation performance.

High Security

Single leg glazing bead design offers stability and high security. Steel reinforcement, where necessary, providing additional structural strength.

Why Choose uPVC Windows?

UPVC windows offer the considerable advantages of being cost-effective, and low maintenance in a range of attractive designs. They only need a regular wipe over with soapy water to keep their ‘good-as-new’ looks, and uPVC won’t swell, crack, rust or corrode. Being a poor conductor of heat, uPVC helps you to keep the heat in your home during the winter, and outside during the summer.

A Choice of Colours and Finishes

uPVC sash windows can be finished to match the style of your house. Our woodgrain effect foiled finishes include: White Ash, Cream, Rosewood or Golden Oak. When it comes to traditional properties, the authentic detailing to the sash horns makes it difficult to tell them apart from timber frames. Colours include: Chartwell, Cream, Cotswold Biscuit or Anthracite.