Origin Aluminium Windows & Doors

Origin Aluminium Windows & Doors

Origin wants to change the way we enjoy our homes – working from the inside, out…

Natural light lifts your mood, aids focus, and is a great motivator. Origin aluminium doors and windows are bespoke, manufactured with precision, care, and expertise to maximise the light throughout your home. By transforming your interior environment, they inspire new ways to view your garden, and the natural world around you. 

Our discrete and stylish aluminium frames are designed to maximise the view, whilst also providing a strong, protective framework. Weighing 67% less than steel, our premium grade aluminium frames offer strength, security, and stunningly slim profiles for your home.

Tailor-Made Windows & Doors
Origin’s slimline aluminium profiles are tailor-made to suit the style of your property. We create both traditional and contemporary designs.​
Energy Efficiency
Origin aluminium doors & windows exceed British Building Regulation requirements for optimal thermal efficiency across all the range. 
Secure by Design
Our bi-fold doors can be fitted with Origin’s specially designed multi-point lock. All Origin windows and doors feature innovative locking mechanisms.

The Origin Bi-Fold Door Collection (OB-72, 49)

If you’re dreaming of long summer days and cosy autumn evenings, with an all-year-round uninterrupted view of the world outside, the Origin bi-fold collection delivers just that. They deliver an unrivalled view, transforming your relationship between inside and out. 

The OB-72 is our original sliding door system, beautifully designed and exquisitely finished with a unique free-glide running system. It offers 72mm sightlines and can accommodate up to 12 doors in a single configuration. If you’re hungry for more view, the OB-49 system has a sightline of just 49mm – providing a panoramic frame for your world.

Origin Aluminium Bi-fold

Origin Bi-Fold Door System Benefits

  • The slimline wheelbase carriage guarantees an effortless, smooth motion.
  • Finger-safe gaskets fitted to keep children safe when using bi-folds.​
  • A range of configurations available to meet your needs.​
  • Origin bi-fold doors are tailor-made to your requirements.​
  • Weathered or non-weathered options available.​
  • All our bi-fold doors can be fitted with Origin’s 8-point multi-locking system. ​
  • A guarantee of up to 20 years across the product range.​
  • Low maintenance and decades-long durability.​

The Origin Patio Slider Collection (OS -20, 29, 44)

Doorways are transitions between the interior life of the family during the autumn and winter, through the additional light of spring and into the delight of life outside in the summer. Origin patio sliders help you to experience all the seasons at their very best, without ever losing sight of the world outside your windows.

The sleek design of the Origin Artisan Slider (OS-20) has a minimal 20mm profile, offering a widescreen window on your world, whilst also providing tough protection against weather or intruders. The OS-29 and OS-44 Origin Sliders allow flexibility of style, whether your home is ultra-modern, or an older property.

Origin Sliding Doors

Origin Patio Slider Benefits

  • Specially designed runners ensure doors glide, flawlessly.​
  • The doors’ tracks can be recessed into the floor for a flush finish.​
  • Origin patio sliders are completely bespoke and tailored to your specifications.​
  • The Artisan Slider can accommodate panels of 2.2m wide, and 3m tall.​
  • All other Origin Sliders accommodate panel of 2m wide and 2520mm tall.​
  • Low maintenance and a guarantee of up to 20 years.​
  • The doors are secured with an ultra-secure, multi-point locking system.​
  • All patio sliders are thermally broken to ensure non-transfer of heat.​

The Origin Window Collection (OW-70, 80)

Much of what makes your home unique is the way you choose to frame the world outside your windows. That’s why Origin windows are tailor-made, using premium grade aluminium, to suit your specific requirements. 

The Origin Slimline window (OW-70) is an external flush casement, designed to maximise the natural light in your home. Its 65mm frame with ultra-slim sightlines offer elegance twinned with strength and security. The OW-80 is a contemporary take on traditional Victorian timber windows – with high thermal performance guaranteed.

Origin Window Collection Benefits

  • Every detail of Origin windows is customisable.​
  • Our windows are quality tested at every stage of their manufacture.​
  • Side and top hung windows can be designed to be used as emergency exits.​
  • Origin systems allow for night ventilation whilst remaining locked.​
  • All windows are fitted with precision engineered locking systems.​
  • Hands-off maintenance and a guarantee for up to 20 years.​
  • Windows have a thermal break and a bespoke cavity gasket to improve thermal efficiency.​
  • The 0-80 Window is fitted with an advanced triple weather seal.​

The Origin Internal Doors Collection (OI-30)

Origin’s aluminium interior door system invites you to redesign your home’s interiors to create the multi-purpose spaces your family requires. It allows for the re-configuration of flow across your living spaces, tailored to your needs. Featuring the slim frames that are integral to Origin design, the door system is available in 150 RAL colours, applied as durable powder coating.

Bespoke internal doors can be styled in a range of configurations. Choose from a French Door, single door, fixed screen, or corner configuration. Each one is crafted from premium quality aluminium, guaranteeing smooth operational elegance.

Original Internal Doors

Origin Internal Door Benefits

  • A range of configurations to divide space how you want.
  • Origin internal doors are tailor-made to your requirements.
  • High performance double/triple glazing.
  • Georgian style glazing bars in multiple configurations.
  • Powder coated to create a sleek, contemporary finish.
  • A guarantee of up to 20 years across the product range.
  • Low maintenance and decades-long durability.
  • Origin internal doors are quality tested at every stage of manufacture.

Glorious Colours to Frame Your View of the World​

The powder finish of Origin aluminium doors & windows will introduce you to a colour experience that makes the world look brand new. Powder paint particles are fused together to create a tough, durable barrier that’s beautiful to look at and easy to maintain. Best of all, it’s much more friendly to the environment than traditional paint.

We have over 150 RAL colours for you to choose from, including bright primary colours, subtle vintage shades, and a glorious range of pastels to match with your home décor. Our dual colour option means that you can choose one colour for your interior frames, and another to match the exterior.

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