Aluminium Windows

Timelessly Elegant Aluminium Windows

When selecting the windows for your home, it’s important to choose the material that will give you exactly the results you’re looking for. If natural light is a priority for you, aluminium windows would be the perfect choice. The extraordinary strength of this lightweight material results in ultra sleek frames and windows as large as you want them to be.

Whatever the style or period of your home, there are aluminium frames to enhance its style and character. From bow windows to heritage style, to stylish contemporary frames, aluminium is hard to beat for looks or comfort. With superior thermal efficiency and noise insulation, this innovative window technology has been created for luxurious comfort and timeless elegance.

Aluminium Windows Benefits

Wide Style and Choice

Fully sculptured elegant profiles enable windows to be created to suit any property. A wide range of standard, foil and special foil finishes.

Energy Efficiency

Five chambers at the core of the design and two chambers either side of the reinforcement chamber, provide a superb thermal insulation performance.

High Security

Single leg glazing bead design offers stability and high security. Steel reinforcement, where necessary, providing additional structural strength.

Burgess Aluminium Windows

‘Miraculous’ Aluminium

Aluminium has been called ‘the miraculous metal’ because of its unique chemical and physical properties which make it ideal for a broad range of modern applications. It’s an extremely lightweight material whilst also being strong and malleable. These 3 qualities make it perfect for the creation of slim profile windows that won’t break or bend.

Low Maintenance, Non-Corrosive Frames

Aluminium is a metal that is naturally weather-proof. When it comes into contact with air, aluminium oxide immediately forms on the surface as a protective layer. This is an extremely effective defence against corrosion, ice, extreme heat, and chemical cleaning products. Aluminium frames are an efficient, totally natural, weather-proofing system for your home.

Aluminium Windows close-up

A Choice of Colours and Finishes

Aluminium is ideally suited to the powder coating process, leaving frames looking fantastic. Our windows are available in a range of colours taken from the full industry standard RAL spectrum. Once complete, your peace of mind is assured as the colours come with a 25 year guarantee.