UPVC & Composite Doors

Stylish uPVC and Composite Doors

Choosing a new front door for your home isn’t just about securing your home. A front door should also contribute to the overall style of your home, catch the eye of passers by, and offer a suggestion of the interior which lies behind it.

Burgess exterior doors tick every box. Whether you choose a uPVC or composite you can be sure it will be stylish, secure and energy efficient – and they come in a variety of stunning designs. Whatever the period and external décor of your property, you’ll find the perfect match, and all our front doors are supplied and fitted in a range of colours and finishes.

Burgess Doors Benefits

uPVC or Composite?

Wondering whether to choose a uPVC or composite door for your home? Take a look at the differences between the two before making your choice:


uPVC Doors – made from an insulated steel frame, encased in uPVC (un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride). The sealed unit is guaranteed to be thermally-efficient and strong.

Composite Doors – made from a combination of materials: wood, glass-reinforced plastic, insulating foam and PVC. A timber hardwood subframe makes the design extremely durable.


uPVC Doors – the high performance, strong outer frame provides an excellent standard of security for your home.

Composite Doors – thanks to the glass-reinforced plastic core, the security of the composite door is second-to-none.

Thermal Efficiency

uPVC Doors – good levels of thermal insulation are achieved as a result of the multi-chambered uPVC design.

Composite Doors – the inner layer of insulating foam in a composite design provides exceptionally high standards of thermal efficiency.


uPVC Doors – available in a range of styles, and finishes. The UPVC ‘plastic’ sheen is characteristic of the material, even though woodgrain finishes are now available.

Composite Doors – the major attraction of the composite door is the quality of the woodgrain finish. Owners enjoy the beauty of a wood aesthetic, without having to worry it will warp or rot.


uPVC Doors – the expected durability of uPVC doors is between 20-25 years. They won’t warp, rot or crack and need only a light touch maintenance.

Composite Doors – will easily last 30 years, and normally longer of well looked after. You need only wipe over your composite door to keep it looking good-as-new.

Design your Dream Door Online​

Our Door Designer allows you to design your Composite Door exactly how you want it.

A Choice of Colours and Finishes

uPVC doors can be finished to match existing double glazed windows or décor. Coloured uPVC finishes include: Dark Green, Dark Red, Brilliant Blue, Agate Grey, Chartwell Green. Wood grain finishes include: Birch, Walnut, Natural Oak, Mahogany.

Composite doors offer a stunning range of colours and finishes. You can even decide on different colours inside and outside. There’s the choice of a woodgrain finish: Irish Oak, Walnut, Golden Oak, Rosewood. Exclusive colours include: Duck Egg Blue, Peacock Blue, Cream, Lavender, Onyx.