Lightweight, traditional tiled or slate look

Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Guardian Warm Roof™ for your Conservatory

A thermally-efficient Guardian Warm Roof™ can transform the way you use your conservatory, orangery or extension. If these spaces have ceased to be functional outside the summer months, a tiled conservatory roof can restore them as an ‘all-year-round’ living area.

Good looking tiled conservatory roofs can be installed retrospectively. Their lightweight aluminium frame is designed to take the place of your existing conservatory roof, whilst leaving the original doors, frames, walls and windows intact.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Benefits

Insulated Roofing for Everyday Comfort

Ideally conservatory space needs to offer a comfortable living space in your home throughout the year. If your existing structure feels too cold to use outside the summer months, a Guardian Warm Roof™ is a great solution. It’s made out of insulating materials designed to provide perfect temperatures throughout the year. A solid, tiled roof can also help with heating bills as it keeps the warm air in.
Tiled Warm Conservatory Roof
Tiled Conservatory Roof

Attractive Tiled Conservative Roofing

Tiles may not let in the same amount of natural light as a glass or polycarbonate roof, but they offer an attractive solid tiled feature instead. If you want to use your conservatory as a family room during the summer and winter, the solidity of a Guardian Warm Roof™ stops it feeling like a temporary structure for garden use only.

Simple Installation

The Guardian Warm Roof™ system is engineered to your individual requirements. It’s then pre-assembled to ensure the highest quality controls and then delivered for installation. Installation is quick, simple and clean because the roof is pre-fabricated to fit your existing conservatory perfectly.
Tiled Conservatory Roof installation