Enjoy your conservatory all year round

Glass Conservatory Roofs

Classic Glass Conservatory Roofs

Your conservatory or orangery is too good a space to use just during the summer. Glass conservatory roofs provide the heat insulation you need in the winter, whilst protecting you from the direct heat of the sun’s rays in the summer.

Classic glass conservatory roofs can be customised individually. The traditional styling of the orangery roof is easily achieved by the addition of a plastered pelmet, and conservatory sightlines can be enhanced by the addition of a decorative cornice.

Glass Conservatory Roofs Benefits

Thermally-Efficient Top Caps for Glass Conservatory Roofs

Ultraframe Classic conservatory roofs are fitted with chambered top caps as standard. They feature a honeycomb chambered centre that serves two important functions. First the caps strengthen the roof structure, and second they stop warm air from escaping between the bars. These clever top caps also provide an extra layer of security because they are impossible to remove.
Glass Conservatory Roof Buckinghamshire
Glass Conservatory Roofs vent

Trickle Vents Stop Condensation

Trickle vents are a standard feature of Classic conservatory roofs which encourage a constant flow of air through the conservatory space. This stops condensation from forming, and helps to regulate the interior temperature. The vents can be opened or closed manually and are normally built into the ridge. Alternatively, they can be installed in the eaves.

Customised Glass Conservatory Roofs

Thanks to the Speedlock design of Ultraframe Classic conservatory roofs they can be customised to meet individual requirements. Our roofs are compatible with a range of building styles including: Georgian, P-Shape, T-Shape, Victorian, Lean-to and Gable.
Customised Glass Conservatory Roofs