Aluminium Doors

Secure and Beautiful Aluminium Doors

Our aluminium doors allow you to replace your walls with floor-to-ceiling glass. Slimline aluminium frames supporting large glass windows, offer an unencumbered view of your garden all year round. If you want a home that enjoys maximum levels of natural light, our range of aluminium doors offers the perfect solution.

Whether your home is period or contemporary, our patio, bi-fold or premium sliding doors will provide an elegant feature in your home. Innovative aluminium doors are styled to minimise the frames and maximise the beauty of the glass and the views it reveals.

Aluminium Doors Benefits

Wide Style and Choice

Fully sculptured elegant profiles enable windows to be created to suit any property. A wide range of standard, foil and special foil finishes.

Energy Efficiency

Five chambers at the core of the design and two chambers either side of the reinforcement chamber, provide a superb thermal insulation performance.

High Security

Single leg glazing bead design offers stability and high security. Steel reinforcement, where necessary, providing additional structural strength.

Aluminium Doors​ close-up

Why Choose Aluminium?

Aluminium’s unique chemical and physical properties have earned it the title of ‘the miraculous metal’ because this lightweight material combines strength, durability and malleability. Looking for sustainability? Aluminium is 100% natural and recyclable. It also creates its own weather-proofing. Aluminium oxide forms on its surface which protects against corrosion, chemicals, and extreme heat.

A Range of Aluminium Doors to choose from

We want our customers to have a great range of options when deciding on their aluminium doors. For minimal frame and maximum glass, our two pane patio doors are hard to beat. Our unique premium sliding doors combine system design with a range of innovative configurations for your home. Bi-folds allow you to stack panes inside or outside for maximum design flexibility.

Sliding Aluminium Doors​

A Choice of Colours and Finishes

Aluminium is ideally suited to the powder coating process, leaving frames looking fantastic. Our windows are available in a range of colours taken from the full industry standard RAL spectrum. Once complete, your peace of mind is assured as the colours come with a 25 year guarantee.